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New Normal : Old Normal – The ‘automagic’ of automation in operations

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Facilities management is a time and labour-intensive service industry, which can greatly benefit from the use of technology for automating business processes such as predictive maintenance, inventory management, access control, location tracking, and remote monitoring. As a part of our vision, we are revolutionizing the game by streamlining and simplifying work processes, increasing the quality of service plus taking mundane responsibilities off the facilities managers’ plates.

Our team is equipped with the most advanced equipment to maintain any type of facility including corporate offices, commercial buildings, government and educational institutes, hospitals, airports, IT parks, auditoriums, malls, hotels, railways etc.

We have a zero tolerance for unplanned downtime. Through our retrofit project solutions, we help our clients modify existing systems with new machinery, advanced technology, tools and equipment to help them achieve particular business goals such as reducing operating costs, asset preservation, better efficiency etc.

In order to ensure transparency & effectiveness in our services we have launched a user-friendly app for empowering the end-user to register complaints and snags for their quick recording, resolution and analysis. It works both on IOS & Android Operating Systems.

As a result of our efforts toward automation we have observed the automagic in-

  • 30% reduction in clients’ costs

  • Improvement in contractor relationships

  • 18% increase in operational efficiency

  • Reduction in workplace accidents by 22% in 2 years

  • Client asset preservation as well as presentation

  • Diagnosing problems faster by looking up critical asset information

  • Tracking maintenance upgrades and work history

  • Reduction in lead time and bottleneck operations by 19%

  • Systematic recording of service delivery

  • Reduction in resolution time by 33%


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