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Cost Reductions

  • Reduce equipment downtime and unplanned shutdowns

  • Reduce overtime

  • Reduce average time to repair

  • Prolong the life of assets

  • Lower repair costs


Management of Assets

  • Standardize the Best Practices

  • Improve Quality Control

  • Optimize Resources by Limiting Scrap and Rework

  • Diagnose problems faster by looking up critical asset information

  • Track maintenance upgrades and work history

Workflow Improvements

  • Improve communication between the maintenance/technical team

  • Have all the necessary data in one place

  • Understand future needs

  • Keep track of work progress

  • Quickly change work priority and assignments

  • Improve response time

  • Improve accountability

  • Easily implement an effective preventive maintenance strategy

  • Ensure better safety


Tracking & Reporting

  • Report and record all operations

  • Find maintenance trends and averages for tracking

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